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Making Innovation Dependable (MInD) Network

Students Projects

Think of it as Money: A History of the VISA Payment System, 1970-1984

David L Stearns

Shaping ICT Outsourcing Relations: The Development of Utility Computing Services - Gabriela A. Mendoza


"In Plastic We Trust: Dependability and the Visa Payment System"

software services

Visiting Students

Knowledge creation and interdisciplinary collaboration in nanotechnology - Dorothy Sutherland Olsen


Offshore condition monitoring: reliability, production capability and operational excellence Richard Eckersley


The biography of a decision-support system for the Automotives - Valeri Weigel

Knowledge and capability combination and (re)creation through Mergers and Acquisitions - Mehdi Safavi

IMechE Award Best MEng with Management Project 2011

Transfer and replication of technological and organisational capabilities - Craig Terence Mack